Bearing the Pall

“What do you think they’ll have?” “I think you could guess just as easily as I could” fried chicken sliced ham green beans macaroni & cheese corn biscuits potato salad deviled eggs congealed salad – multiple varieties, but at least one green and one pink banana pudding And, yes, my sister and I nailed it. … Continue reading Bearing the Pall

Easy Audio Embedding

This is part 1 of a 2-part series… I’m a BIG fan of embedding. The ability to take media files from one location and use them in another context creates learning environments that are rich and appealing to students. I like it even better when the process is simple. Embedding is now a standard feature … Continue reading Easy Audio Embedding

Scouting the Tyger

Our friends from Lowcountry Unfiltered wanted to do an Upstate River this fall. Since I’m the only one in the area that regularly paddles with them, I was tasked with finding a suitable trip. I had scouted the put-in and take-out points on a section of the Tyger River that flows through Sumter National Forest, … Continue reading Scouting the Tyger

Exploring an Aviary

UPDATE: Sadly, Aviary has discontinued this wonderful series of products. The links below are no longer available. Today I got word that has released a new online audio editing tool called Myna. This joins Aviary’s growing collection of online tools with bird names, including Phoenix, the image editing program, and Raven, a vector graphics … Continue reading Exploring an Aviary