Puffins, Puffins, Puffins

Friday, June 26

Strange, but tragic news this morning – not only did Farah Fawcette succumb to her cancer, but there was news that Michael Jackson had died suddenly.  Add in the death earlier this week of Ed McMahon, and the celebrity death trio is now complete.

Yesterday’s puffin cruise had been canceled because of fog.  Today didn’t look much better.   We were afraid to commit ourselves to one direction with the possibility of another cancellation, but did so anyway, heading south.  Before we got too far along the way I called the boat company, and they said that they planned to sail.  We guessed that things must be better down near the coast. Continue reading “Puffins, Puffins, Puffins”

Pemaquid Point to Boothbay Harbor

Thursday, June 25

This was supposed to be our best day, weather-wise, so we had reserve a place on a Puffin Cruise that was supposed to sail from Port Clyde. However, things didn’t look quite as nice when we got up. We started out anyway, headed back south through Camden and Rockland. We had just stopped for a bit more coffee when I got a company from the Monhegin Boat Line that the port was socked in, and that the cruise had been canceled.

They did rebook us for Friday, but it put us in something of a quandary. We had wanted to head back to Acadia at some point, especially before any weekend crowds gathered. Now, though, we were on the opposite side of Penobscot Bay, and we were possibly obligated for tomorrow. We decided to continue in this direction and see if we could find some of the lighthouses along these lower peninsulas.

Our first target was Pemaquid Point. I had remembered visiting here from our previous trip to Maine, and remembered the fort and beach. I thought it might be a good diversion. Continue reading “Pemaquid Point to Boothbay Harbor”

B&B Life

Thursday, June 25 “Motels are for the anonymous. B&B’s are for the gregarious.” That was the conclusion I reached at breakfast this morning. In addition to the couple we had met earlier, we were joined by two other couples. One person kept introducing himself over and over again, making almost too much of an attempt … Continue reading B&B Life

Acadia in the Fog

Otter Point

Wednesday, June 24

The weather continued to be rotten. It was alternately cloudy, foggy, or rainy and sometimes all three. We were really glad to have our new rain gear from L. L. Bean. It had been a worthwhile stop.

The breakfasts continue to be fantastic at the inn. This morning was another three-course meal, culminating in a wonderful fritatta.

Despite the foul weather, we decided to head up to Acadia National Park. We figured that mid-week would be less crowded than the weekend, so now was the time.

We headed north out of Belfast on US 1, retracing the route we had take Monday. Once again, I had to resist the urge to stop and photograph every one of the Victorian mansions we passed. Of particular interest to me was the traditional Maine farm house. This usually consisted of a small wood frame cottage, usually with Victorian Gothic trim, and a huge cedar-sided barn that would be attached to the house via a passageway. I guess the farmers wanted a way to get to their barns without having to trudge through winter weather. In many of these the barn had now been converted to living space or garages, so the actual square footage of the house had been greatly increased.

US 1 from Bucksport to Ellsworth was fairly non-descript. Ellsworth itself was a quaint town, with a lovely riverfront area. However, the town was much larger than others we had encountered. The town was somewhat extended even further, by virtue of it being near a National Park. The route from Ellsworth to Bar Harbor was lined with motels and the types of distractions that come with such parks – campgrounds, miniature golf places, etc., etc. Continue reading “Acadia in the Fog”