At breakfast we had asked our hostess where she recommended for good lobster. She said that the Angler’s Restaurant above Searsport was the place all the locals went, so we decided to give it a try for dinner. The place was packed, and most of the denizens did appear to be local. We had an … Continue reading Lobstaaaahhh!

Breakwater and Mooses


Our Victorian abode is getting more crowded. Another couple came in last night, so there were four of us for breakfast. Mark and Chris joined us for another three-course meal – more scones, and incredible fruit concoction, and blueberry pancakes with Maine maple syrup. Mark is another amateur photographer, so we swapped stories and chatted about things in general.

Breakfast Creation

According to the Weather Channel hour-by-hour forecast, our best bet for no rain was for early in the morning, with the rain starting back up in the afternoon. That being the case, we decided to head south to the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. Since things were dicey as far as the weather, we drove straight there, without stopping at any of the interesting places along the way.

I had been to the Rockland Breakwater on my previous trip to Maine. The breakwater extends nearly a mile out into the bay, where it terminates at a lighthouse. On my previous trip I only took photos along the path, but didn’t hike out to the end. This time I was determined to do so. Continue reading “Breakwater and Mooses”

The Rain in Maine Falls Plainly on the Insane

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse

Having gorged ourselves on a gourmet breakfast, we packed up cameras and maps and set off in search of coastline and lighthouses. There was just one small hitch – the wind was howling and it was dumping rain. We may have lost our minds to be going out in weather like this, but hanging around the B&B surrounded by creepy Gothic decor would have been just as bad.

We started our trek with a turn through the town of Belfast. We had only explored on foot last night. It looks as if there is lots to see and do, including a footbridge across the Penobscot, and a higher walkway along the US 1 bridge. We may have to spend more time exploring this area.

The rain kept kept a steady pace as we headed north on US 1 through Searsport. I wanted to stop and photograph all the interesting old farm houses and churches. If we had done that we would have never made it out of town. There’s just much more interesting architecture here. Continue reading “The Rain in Maine Falls Plainly on the Insane”