Lighthouse Score Sheet

Early Sunday morning we missed breakfast at the inn, but our host had set aside coffee and scones to go for us. We loaded up the rental and made the trek from Belfast through August and Lewiston to Portland. Rental returned, flights boarded, we made the trek home without incident and found both cats and … Continue reading Lighthouse Score Sheet

Puffins, Puffins, Puffins

Friday, June 26 Strange, but tragic news this morning – not only did Farah Fawcette succumb to her cancer, but there was news that Michael Jackson had died suddenly.  Add in the death earlier this week of Ed McMahon, and the celebrity death trio is now complete. Yesterday’s puffin cruise had been canceled because of … Continue reading Puffins, Puffins, Puffins

B&B Life

Thursday, June 25 “Motels are for the anonymous. B&B’s are for the gregarious.” That was the conclusion I reached at breakfast this morning. In addition to the couple we had met earlier, we were joined by two other couples. One person kept introducing himself over and over again, making almost too much of an attempt … Continue reading B&B Life

Acadia in the Fog

Wednesday, June 24 The weather continued to be rotten. It was alternately cloudy, foggy, or rainy and sometimes all three. We were really glad to have our new rain gear from L. L. Bean. It had been a worthwhile stop. The breakfasts continue to be fantastic at the inn. This morning was another three-course meal, … Continue reading Acadia in the Fog

Belfast Photo Walk

Wednesday, June 24 This morning I got up very early to do a photo walk around the little town of Belfast. It was still misty outside, but that seems to be typical for this area. I figured I could still get some good shots of the historic buildings and waterfront area. I had a general … Continue reading Belfast Photo Walk

Maine Update

I’m three days behind on blogging. We’ve been off exploring, and have been getting back so late that we just collapse.  Add to that a thunderstorm that knocked our Internet offline for awhile, and I’ve really fallen behind.  I’ll try to catch up tomorrow, but in the meantime here’s a preview… Wednesday morning – did … Continue reading Maine Update


At breakfast we had asked our hostess where she recommended for good lobster. She said that the Angler’s Restaurant above Searsport was the place all the locals went, so we decided to give it a try for dinner. The place was packed, and most of the denizens did appear to be local. We had an … Continue reading Lobstaaaahhh!

Breakwater and Mooses

Our Victorian abode is getting more crowded. Another couple came in last night, so there were four of us for breakfast. Mark and Chris joined us for another three-course meal – more scones, and incredible fruit concoction, and blueberry pancakes with Maine maple syrup. Mark is another amateur photographer, so we swapped stories and chatted … Continue reading Breakwater and Mooses