Down to the River to Pray

The symbol of a river figures prominently in religious iconography, Crossing over Jordan, etc. The concept of baptism also figures strongly in this symbolism. Instead of going to church on this lovely Sunday, I decided to explore these symbols directly, with a paddle down the Green River. Bob Donnan and I rendezvoused at the take … Continue reading Down to the River to Pray

Oconee Photo Safari

When I knew that Laura was going to be out of town this weekend, I contacted a couple of my Chorale/Furman friends to see if they would be interested in a photo safari. Ken Cothran took me up on the challenge, so early Saturday morning I picked him up at his place in Clemson and … Continue reading Oconee Photo Safari

Peak Experience

Conditions were ideal for a photo trek. I had a day of vacation I needed to use before the madness of summer system installations started up. Laura had left town for a conference, so I was on my own. And I had gotten new information about an interesting place to visit. My main target for … Continue reading Peak Experience

Google Web Elements

Google has made it easy to add cool stuff to your website with the release of Web Elements.  Each of these elements have been available for some time now, most with embed codes or API’s readily available.  Web Elements is a collection of eight tools in one easy-to-find place, each with a simple interface and … Continue reading Google Web Elements

i-GotU Revisited

A little over a year ago I tried out the i-GotU GT-100 GPS tracker from Mobile Action. At the time I was looking for a simple tracker for photo geotagging, and the GT-100’a small size and price ($49 from Amazon) were very appealing. I put the unit through a series of tests, and found it … Continue reading i-GotU Revisited

Three Movies in One Week

Summer blockbuster season is upon us, and is in full swing.  After a dearth of movies, the theaters seem filled with films I want to see.  So much so that I did something unprecedented – three movies in the theater in one week. Tuesday Night – 2nd viewing of Star Trek Since I’ve already given … Continue reading Three Movies in One Week

Photo Walk with Karen B

Been a busy week, so this is the first of three quick posts… Wednesday night Karen Buchmueller’s husband, Herman, and Laura had a meeting with the American Chemical Society, so the two of us decide to do a photo walk downtown, starting at Falls Park. We spent some time right at the entrance to the … Continue reading Photo Walk with Karen B

Kids and Social Media

This past week I was asked to advise on guidelines for teacher-student interactions in social media settings such as Facebook.  Essentially, we’re recommending caution.  The new guidelines will be posted in faculty handbooks, and read as follows: Faculty/Staff members should maintain professionalism in their relationship with students at all times. Activities/behaviors in which faculty/staff members … Continue reading Kids and Social Media

Sound Off South

This week was the spotlight blog for Sound Off South, a website from WYFF-TV that showcases blogs from Upstate South Carolina. Early this morning I headed down to the WYFF studios for a live interview with Kelly Coakley for the 7:00 am Sunday morning newscast. I would be doing two short segments, one during … Continue reading Sound Off South