Problematic Panorama

Falls Park Panorama

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The photo above is a panorama of the Liberty Bridge, Falls Park, and Reedy Falls area in downtown Greenville. It consists of five images taken at a wide angle 18mm focal length, then stitched together in Photoshop. It turned out to be quite a learning process and experiment in adaptation.

The first thing I tried was to load up all five shots and try to use the automatic panorama tool in Photoshop. Some of the buildings were completely obliterated, and it simply rejected one image that it couldn’t get to fit. I’m still using version CS2 of Photoshop, so there may have been improvements in the automated tool, but the results with my version were disappointing. It was time to go to manual mode.

The problem with using wide-angle shots is that you get some unusual perspective distortion at the edges. If you look at each photo individually, each looks OK. Continue reading “Problematic Panorama”