Concrete Heaven

Ware Place Statuary

NOTE: Lately I’ve gotten several questions asking about pricing, inventory, and contact information for this business. I Am NOT THE OWNER, NOR DO I HAVE ANY ASSOCIATION WITH THIS BUSINESS! I just wrote about my visit there.

Seriously, some of you need to learn how search engines work. If a link appears at the top of the list, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s that business, or the link you want.

Now on to the original post…

If it can be cast in concrete, chances are Estelle King sells it. If you’ve ever been through Ware Place, South Carolina, you’ve seen Estelle’s place at the intersection of Highways 25, 418, and 8. The over-sized concrete roosters and horses and lighthouses are hard to miss. The spry 84 year old has operated her lawn ornament shop for over thirty years now, and shows no sign of stopping.

We had driven down Augusta Road to Estelle’s place to find a couple of small concrete cats to memorialize our recently departed felines.  When we arrive, Estelle was helping an elderly (probably younger than she is) woman load a large concrete birdbath into the woman’s trunk. Continue reading “Concrete Heaven”