Island Time

Things are more relaxed. Nothing is rushed. Everyone has a good time and things get done when they get done. That’s Island Time. Even so, I was up at the crack of dawn, literally. Even on Island Time some habits are hard to break. However, I did have a purpose. I wanted to try some … Continue reading Island Time

A Geeky New President

There were ample opportunities for someone like me to really get their Geek on while watching the inauguration.  First there was the Hive Mind experience of sharing the inauguration in real time with friends (and strangers) separated by thousands of miles on Twitter and Facebook.  Then there was the ability to get multiple perspectives from … Continue reading A Geeky New President

Bahamas – Day 3

As previously noted, most of the day was spent watching inauguration festivities. However, we did get out an do other things. I woke up early to watch the sunrise. As I was standing out on the balcony with my camera I looked out over the other balconies to see others out with their cameras. The … Continue reading Bahamas – Day 3

A New Day Dawns

What can I say? I have lived to see many presidential inaugurations, and none have inspired as much hope as this one. I am very proud that Barack Obama is now President of the United States.

Lazy Day at Lucaya

What did we do today? Not much. And that was just perfect. After a nice breakfast we headed across the street to the Port Lucaya Market. This shopping area has a split personality. The middle section has restaurants and high-end shops with duty-free jewelry, etc. On either side of the shopping area is the straw … Continue reading Lazy Day at Lucaya