The Season of Need

The time from Thanksgiving to Christmas always seems bring to our attention those that are less fortunate in our communities.  Laura and I always try to participate in Angel Tree and other charitable works.  This year, though, my friend Cindy Sanders from the Middle Tyger Community Center (MTCC) sent us some statistics that just floored … Continue reading The Season of Need

A Messiah Weekend

As previously mentioned, this weekend was the performance of Handel’s Messiah by the Greenville Chorale and the Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra. This is the third year of Christmas collaborations between the two groups. As part of the collaboration we do one concert on our turf at the Peace Center, then drive up the hill to perform … Continue reading A Messiah Weekend

The Blasphemous Messiah

I apparently committed blasphemy. At least, that’s the impression I got this evening at rehearsal. I introduced an electronic synthesizer to a baroque orchestra. It all started with a conversation that went something like this… Bing: I don’t know if we’ll have a piano available for our Cliffs Valley gig. Me: I’ve got a Yamaha … Continue reading The Blasphemous Messiah

The End of an Era

Last night I finally pulled the plug on our old AOL account.  It had served us well for over twelve years, but it was time to part company.  When we got DSL in our current house about six years ago we had scaled back to just the bare minimum AOL service, just in case of emergency or if we found ourselves in a hotel without Internet access.  Now I’m not sure we even own a computer with a modem to even access the service, so it just didn’t make sense anymore.  With Blackberries and smart phones, we can have access even when wifi isn’t available.  I plan to take what we’re saving in monthly fees for AOL and use them for expanded web access plans on our phones.

To be honest, I had completely forgotten that we still had an AOL account.  That’s how little I had paid attention to it.  AOL certainly didn’t make it easy to find a way to cancel the service.  With the dial-up interface no longer an option, and I had to go to their website and spend some time searching, but I finally found it.  As I pulled the plug on the service last night, I began to reflect on my online history, not just with AOL, but with other service I have used. Continue reading “The End of an Era”


We got new cell phones all around yesterday. Laura’s phone was about to fall apart, so we decided to replace all of them. I’ve not been a fan of all-in-one devices, and I’ve never had to have the latest and greatest.  Functional is fine with me.  I don’t think a cell phone’s camera is ever … Continue reading Diminution

Photo Navigation

First a caveat – I try not to review or discuss specific gadgets here at RandomConnections unless I actually have the device in hand and have played with it, either having purchased it for myself, for work, or having swiped it from a friend for a test run. I don’t like to speculate on a device’s capabilities unless I’ve seen them myself. Also, especially this close to Christmas a favorable review might be taken as a “wish list”, and that’s not necessarily the case. So, I tend to stick with what I’ve actually seen.

Today I’m going to break with that policy somewhat. My intent was to discuss a capability rather than a specific device or brand, but it turns out that only one brand has this feature (so far.) I’m talking about photo navigation, the ability to navigate to a geotagged photo via GPS as an inherent capability of the device. Continue reading “Photo Navigation”