Planning the Perfect Photo

I-85 Morning Traffic

I felt like a criminal. Certainly what I was planning to do was probably illegal, if only in a minor way. However, I knew what I wanted, and knew I only had a small window of opportunity to get it. While the end result wasn’t as perfect as I might have hoped the adventure was certainly worth it.

My route to work takes me down I-358 to I-85. These crisp autumn mornings I’ve been noticing how much the sky looks like the new South Carolina license plates. I think the silhouetted crescent and palm were probably meant to show the evening sky, but it was my morning commute that really brought out the similarity. I decided to combine this scene with another subject that had caught my eye, and try to capture the perfect photo. Continue reading “Planning the Perfect Photo”

DimDim for DumDumbs

Sometimes I don’t know what goes through the minds of these folks that name software applications. I guess short and catchy is the goal, but the name DimDim makes me think of the Easter Island head on “Night at the Museum,” with it’s line, “You, dumdumb, bring me gum-gum.” Despite the silly name, DimDim is … Continue reading DimDim for DumDumbs

Starting from “Scratch”

This is the first of two applications I’ve come across this week which I’ll be highlighting here. First is Scratch, a free downloadable programming application from MIT modeled on the old Logo programming language. Later I’ll be taking a look at DimDim, a free alternative to the popular GoToMeeting application. I first learned about Scratch … Continue reading Starting from “Scratch”

BRP at Peak

This week fall colors were at peak on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Laura is in Washington State this weekend, and I didn’t want to miss the colors, so I finished up my chores early this morning and headed north. Our normal path is to drive up 276 to Brevard, drive through Pisgah Forest, then take … Continue reading BRP at Peak

A Salute to American Music

Tonight the Greenvile Chorale joins forces with the Greenville Symphony for a concert at the Peace Center for the Performing Arts entitled “A Salute to American Music.” With a historic election day just around the corner, the music is meant to celebrate all that is America. The concert begins with Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare for the … Continue reading A Salute to American Music

Happy Anniversary MTCC!

This week marks the tenth anniversary of the Middle Tyger Community Center. MTCC is a unique collaboration between several state agencies, including District Five Schools of Spartanburg, District Five Ministries, DSS, DHEC, and Spartanburg adult education. It provides services to many, many people in need, including childcare for teenage mothers so that they can complete … Continue reading Happy Anniversary MTCC!

The Oconee Bale Trail

Bales of Hay 2 HDR

Laura had a quick business trip to Chicago, so Glynda and I decided to get out and see the countryside. I had spotted an advertisement for the Oconee Bale Trail, a series of decorated hay bales through that county, and it looked like as good an excuse as anything to get out and about.

Glynda hadn’t been with my on one of my photo rambles before. As with most of my family, she loves photography, too. She has also inherited our parents love of exploring backroads. While growing up, instead of calling her by her name Glynda Jo, my father called her “Glynda Go.” She had just finished her last day at the Boys Home of the South on Friday, so this was going to be a celebratory get-away. Continue reading “The Oconee Bale Trail”

Working with the Flip Mino

Flip Mino

One of the perks of my job is that I get to try to try out lots of new tech toys. One of our curriculum coordinators had requested one of the little Flip Mino video cameras. She graciously let me give it a whirl before giving it back to her.

Even though this device (or some version of it) has been out for about a year now, I hadn’t gotten very excited about it. High-quality video cameras are now very reasonably priced, and now even point-n-shoot cameras come with a video mode. The question was – Is the Flip redundant? Would you be better off applying the cost of the Flip toward a better point-n-shoot? I really needed to find out because I’ve got several others requesting these, and needed to know how best to spend our equipment funds. Continue reading “Working with the Flip Mino”