Unclear on the Concept

Today I attended a workshop in Columbia on the state’s new IP video retrieval system. Our district has been using the system for over a year now, so I was held up as an example multiple times during the workshop. That was a bit uncomfortable, but it also meant that I didn’t get as much … Continue reading Unclear on the Concept

For Want of a Nail…

The first week of school, and I’ve been flumoxed by small things. Someone forgets to plug in a cable, and half a school goes offline. Someone forgets to check a box on a piece of software, and our lunch system doesn’t get updated with our new students. All of these small things have had a … Continue reading For Want of a Nail…

Folly Beach and Back

Another breakfast at the Lake House, and it was time to pack up and leave Middleton Inn. Since we were this close, Laura wanted take a look at the ocean at least once, so we headed to Folly Beach. Folly is one of Laura’s favorite South Carolina beaches. It tends to be quiet, and it’s … Continue reading Folly Beach and Back

Middleton at Night

We were worried. Not even a real thunderstorm, but the threat of one caused the power to go out for quite awhile. We attended the wine reception at the lodge without power (and AC.) When the large glass windows started acting like a greenhouse, we decided it was time to leave. Fortunately the power came … Continue reading Middleton at Night