Paddling Lake Fairfield

I had been paddling on Lake Cunningham twice in as many weeks, so I decided it was time to give our little backyard lake another try. Large snapping turtles and burrowing water rodents had made a mess of our bank, so I really don’t have a good canoe/kayak launch anymore. Also, the siltation has gotten … Continue reading Paddling Lake Fairfield

Paddling Resume’

Tom Kayak OOB

In case you haven’t noticed, I love to paddle. My preference is for moving water, but a nice flatwater paddle on a river or lake can be fun, too. I started this obsession when I was about fifteen, running the Enoree River with my high school buddies in an army surplus inflatable raft that had more patches than original material. College years were more adventurous trips in large whitewater rafts, or lazy floats in inner tubes. When I started teaching I could afford a cheap Coleman canoe (which I still have), and now I paddle a Perception Torrent sit-in-top whitewater kayak. This being said, I have now put together my paddling resume’ in Google Earth KMZ format. Continue reading “Paddling Resume’”

Bracing Discoveries

I resolve not to have any online pity-parties about getting braces. Millions of people get these things and seem to get along just fine. Millions of others have much more serious problems, to which this pales in comparison. I’ll make these comments, then be done with it, unless something unusual happens. Here’s what I’ve noticed … Continue reading Bracing Discoveries

Metal Head

Strange sensations coming over me Something I can’t explain Suddenly there’s an endless void where I used to keep my brain I gotta see a doctor, but I’m too wasted to phone one Wanna customize my van and I don’t even own one Ah, ah, ah, Oh! I’m turning into a heavy metal head Ah, … Continue reading Metal Head

Smithsonian Now on Flickr

The Smithsonian Institute is the latest organization to begin posting photos on Flickr. There are currently just under 900 photographs available. The majority of this are historic photos. There is a set of scientists and inventors, a set of famous artists, and a couple of sets devoted to various American cultures. One set focuses on … Continue reading Smithsonian Now on Flickr

Greenville in Street View!

Much of the Upstate, including Greenville, is now available in Google Street View. Last night I discovered that Columbia and Charlotte had been added, and this morning Greenville was also on the list. The blue areas in the map below show the current coverage: In Google Earth, the coverage is a bit deceptive. There are … Continue reading Greenville in Street View!

A World of 3D Photography

Several months ago I wrote about an exciting new product from Microsoft called Photosynth. That program promised to produce 3D visualizations of a location based on a body of photographs. The concept was that a user could input a location, and such a visualization could be generated from Creative Commons images on Flickr, or some … Continue reading A World of 3D Photography