The Indiana Mummy Files

Long ago, in a cafe far, far away… George: So, what good movies have you seen lately? Steven: You know, the Mummy series was really cool! I loved the way Brenden Frazier… George: Yeah! That was great! Steven: I just rented X-Files. Talk about a convoluted plot. George: Who gives a damn about plots. They’re … Continue reading The Indiana Mummy Files

Houndbite – YouTube for Audio

UPDATE: Houndbite is now defunct. However, there are some great alternatives in place. Try Audioboo, SoundCloud, or Chirbit for hosting files. ……… Here’s the dilemma – I’m not diligent enough about creating audio files to get into podcasting. Podcasting really requires consistency, focus, and dedication in order to keep your audience engaged. However, I do … Continue reading Houndbite – YouTube for Audio