2 Much 2.0?

Discovery Education is playing a large role in this week’s workshops sponsored by SCETV. After all, through their partnership with SCETV, all schools in the state have access to on-demand video via StreamlineSC. This evening I joined a large group of local educators who are part of the Discovery Education Network for dinner and discussion. … Continue reading 2 Much 2.0?

Gamecocks and Chickens

I don’t get it. Columbia seems to have an unusual number of establishments where you can eat chicken, especially wings. Yet the USC mascot is the Gamecock. Isn’t that a bit cannibalistic?? I mean, it would kind of be like Maryland (Terrapins) having lots of eateries that feature turtle stew. Perhaps it’s a chauvinistic thing. … Continue reading Gamecocks and Chickens


Today’s workshops went very well. As with yesterday, I did a basic Google Earth workshop then an advanced session. Both sessions were well-received, and I got some good positive feedback. By sheer happenstance these workshops are following a logical progression. The basic session focuses on just getting used to the program. First, there is simple … Continue reading SCETV Day 2