A Day with Ron Rash

Today author Ron Rash visited Byrnes High School and spoke with students in the media center. Ron is the author of three of my favorite novels – One Foot in Eden, Saints at the River, and The World Made Straight. He has also published several books of poetry and short stories. Ron lives in Clemson … Continue reading A Day with Ron Rash

Jumping through Hoops

This week our district played host to the SACS-CASI Quality Assurance Review Team. I have been through several SACS accreditation visits, both at the local school level and at the district level, and this is something that is always a pain in the posterior. It’s never fun. First, there’s the paperwork – mountains of it. … Continue reading Jumping through Hoops

Hey! What’s That?

Via the blog Free Geography Tools, I’ve learned about one of the coolest new applications to take advantage of the Google Maps/Earth interface. The service is called “Hey! What’s That?” and it allows users to create panoramas from any point on Earth. Think of it this way… You’re up on the Blue Ridge Parkway and … Continue reading Hey! What’s That?

Super Geotagged

One of the problems with native KML support in Flickr is that it only displays the last 20 geotagged images from the specified search criteria. If you want a more inclusive display of Flickr geotagged images, you need to use something like Metaltoad, Flyr or Loc.alize.us. Flyr gives you better granularity of control for searches … Continue reading Super Geotagged

Photo Published

I got home from the SCETV workshops in Columbia to find a nice surprise waiting for me – a check for the use of one of my photographs in an advertising campaign. A couple of months ago I was contacted about using one of my photos from my Scenes from I-85 set as part of … Continue reading Photo Published

2 Much 2.0?

Discovery Education is playing a large role in this week’s workshops sponsored by SCETV. After all, through their partnership with SCETV, all schools in the state have access to on-demand video via StreamlineSC. This evening I joined a large group of local educators who are part of the Discovery Education Network for dinner and discussion. … Continue reading 2 Much 2.0?

Gamecocks and Chickens

I don’t get it. Columbia seems to have an unusual number of establishments where you can eat chicken, especially wings. Yet the USC mascot is the Gamecock. Isn’t that a bit cannibalistic?? I mean, it would kind of be like Maryland (Terrapins) having lots of eateries that feature turtle stew. Perhaps it’s a chauvinistic thing. … Continue reading Gamecocks and Chickens