Pelham Mill Excursion

Pelham Mill Orton Desaturated

Early this week when I left work the sun was casting beautiful shadows across everything. I decided to take the long way home and look for something to photograph. My trek took me through the “Golden Box” area of Greenville, south of I-85 and the airport. This is the area after which all of the developers are lusting, but it still retains some vestiges of rural Greenville. It’s roughly bounded by Highway 101 on the east, Highway 14 on the West, I-85 on the north, and Reidville Road on the south.

I drove past our new elementary school under construction on Abner Creek Road and through the community of Liberty Hill. This is an interesting place that looks like it grew up around a prominent farm. I continued on Abner Creek across the Golden Box until I got to the community of Pelham, otherwise known as “Sugar Tit” by the locals, a reference to candy given to the children of the mill village. Continue reading “Pelham Mill Excursion”