Journey to Mount Carmel

While my brother, Steve, was off wandering around Jerusalem, my other brother Houston and I made a journey to Mt. Carmel. However, our destination was a bit closer to home. Houston and I have gotten in the habit of making these treks of photography and discovery in the winter months. Last year it was around … Continue reading Journey to Mount Carmel

Photo Sleuth 2.0

A couple of years ago I took part in a workshop that used resources from the Library of Congress’s American Memory collection entitled “Adventures of the American Mind.” As part of the workshop, I created an activity called Photo Sleuth. Students were to look at historic photos, and using clues from the photos, were supposed … Continue reading Photo Sleuth 2.0

VoiceThread – Multimedia Authoring for Web 2.0

I was reading Wesley Fryer’s Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog when I stumble across a fantastic new multimedia authoring tool. VoiceThread does for multimedia authoring what YouTube does for video and Flickr does for photography. In its simplest form, it’s a slide show with narration. However, users can also incorporate screen captures, PowerPoint … Continue reading VoiceThread – Multimedia Authoring for Web 2.0

Death by “Shenandoah”

Far back in 1998 Garrison Keillor had this to say about the singing of “Shenandoah“… … And there ought to be a law against the singing of “Shenandoah” by any choir, and the penalty ought to be prison time. No probation. The singing of “Shenandoah” is a main cause of the unpopularity of choral singing … Continue reading Death by “Shenandoah”

The Wedding Planner

Tonight my comrades hit upon a new career for me. It seems I have a unique skill set for a complete one-man operation. I can sing and play an instrument, I can take a reasonably good photograph. But, most importantly, I’m a notary public, which means I can perform weddings. All I need now is … Continue reading The Wedding Planner

Library of Congress on Flickr

The Library of Congress has decided to place thousands of historic photographs and images on Flickr¬† The LOC is soliciting comments and tags to help identify the images in the collection.¬† Currently, the collection consists of two sets – one from the 1930-40’s, and one from the 1910’s. Previously I had written about Pickens County … Continue reading Library of Congress on Flickr