Northbound on I-95

This morning it was time to pack up the car and drive back to the chilly north.  Since it was already 75 degrees at departure time, we had to dress in layers so we could add more as the temps dropped.   We got underway a little before 7:00 am with audio books, GPS, and … Continue reading Northbound on I-95

More on the new lens

The new Sigma 18-200 lens I got for Christmas is advertised as being specifically designed for digital cameras. That got me wondering if it was subject to the 1.5 multiplication factor that I apply to my other lenses to calculate effective focal length. I’ve written about this before when I first got my DSLR, comparing … Continue reading More on the new lens

Christmas Lens

Christmas in Florida is always different. Mostly, it’s warm. Or, at least, it’s much, much warmer than South Carolina. I do remember about 18 years ago it dipping into the teens. We wrapped tropical plants in Christmas lights hoping that the warmth would keep them alive. This year it rained most of the day. While … Continue reading Christmas Lens

Santa Tracker

Once again this year, NORAD is tracking Santa as he makes his trip across the globe. However, this year, they have paired up with Google. Google Maps is being used for the primary display on the website, and there is a KMZ file that can be downloaded for Google Earth which updates every couple of … Continue reading Santa Tracker

Blogger’s Remorse

I really detest blogs that apologize for the lack of recent posts. Yet here I am doing just that. Busy holiday season, concerts, etc. etc. etc., plus any other lame excuse I can toss that direction will have to suffice. But, hey, it’s only been a week since my last post, so I’m not as … Continue reading Blogger’s Remorse

Remembering SisuDave

Yesterday I learned of the death of Dave Anderson on December 10. Dave was a retired horticulturist from Park Seed Company in Greenwood. He was also a Flickr photographer, posting pictures of his adopted hometown of Greenville, rural South Carolina, and many shots of the beautiful flowers with which he worked daily. Dave posted under … Continue reading Remembering SisuDave

Xmas and Rebel Flags

On my way back from one of my schools this morning I spotted this sign… My first thought was, “Oh boy, yet another pastor who is ignorant of church history, and who buys into that ‘War on Christmas’ junk.” gives a nice concise description of how the phrase “Xmas” came to be. It is … Continue reading Xmas and Rebel Flags

The Blocker’s Dilemma

Scenario 1 – A repressive government controls all Internet access. Its citizens cannot get to information on religion, democracy, or any site that might be critical of that government. Solution – A distributed system of web proxies enables the people of the repressed country to effectively bypass the filters, allowing them access to information that … Continue reading The Blocker’s Dilemma