Everything Has Been Photographed

I was talking with my brother, Houston, this evening about cameras and photography in general. Houston has been an avid photographer for many, many years, and knows tons more on the subject than I do, however most of his work has been with film. He said he was hesitating entering the digital realm for one reason – everything has already been photographed.

Think about it. With the advent of digital, the number of photographs available to the general public has increased exponentially as people are no longer concerned with film costs. Granted, most of these are just snapshots that wouldn’t rise to the level of “art.” However, for good or bad, there has never been a greater documentation of day-to-day life in photos. All one has to do is search Flickr for a keyword such as “blue wall” to see what I mean.

Perhaps this was best expressed by a guy named Roland on a Usenet board about ten years ago… Continue reading “Everything Has Been Photographed”

Digital Journeys

This evening we went to an art opening for a friend and colleague, Dr. Jim Leavell. Jim is displaying some of the photographs from his world travels at the Thompson Gallery in the Roe Art Building at Furman. The exhibit is entitled “Digital Journeys: Traveling with a Camera in Hand.” Jim has an excellent eye … Continue reading Digital Journeys

Reflections on Candy Corn

Once again, that season of gluttony has begun – the non-stop eating binge that lasts from early October through mid-February, and includes tailgating, Halloween candy, Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas parties, New Year’s, Super Bowl, and Valentines. Throw in St. Pat’s and Easter, and this thing could last half the year. The first harbinger of this season … Continue reading Reflections on Candy Corn

The Lazy Goat

Last night after the Furman game several of us made a trek to the new restaurant, The Lazy Goat, which overlooks the Reedy River at River Place. It’s one of the many new upscale eateries that are popping up all over the Westend of Greenville. Background The Lazy Goat opened this past June, and is … Continue reading The Lazy Goat

Remembering Sputnik

The Soviet Union surprised the world 50 years ago today by launching Sputnik 1.  Even though there have been lots of commentaries and rememberances, I wanted to mark the occasion here for a couple of reasons. First, there was the reaction in the US.  There was the total shock that the Soviets could be us … Continue reading Remembering Sputnik

Information Overreaction

This morning’s Greenville Cage Liner had a huge headline proclaiming “Southside High Web site shut down, Student information was publicly available.” My gut reaction was that Greenville School District had screwed up again with their data security, until I read a bit further into the article. At that point, my disgust was redirected toward the … Continue reading Information Overreaction

Lovely, flooded day

It started with a dentist appointment.  Overall, that went well.  However, when I got to work I found that our boiler room had sprung a leak during the night, flooding both the server room and my office.  Fortunately, no equipment was damaged, but I had some blueprints and school plans that got a bit wet.  … Continue reading Lovely, flooded day

Increasing Flickr Views

I’ve heard several suggestions for increasing the number of views of photos in one’s Flickr stream. These include posting limited numbers of pictures each time, posting early in the day so that buzz is generated early about good photos, and making sure that you post pictures of interest to begin with. I’ve found another sure-fire … Continue reading Increasing Flickr Views

Dancing on the Tuck

This year has not been good for paddlers.  The drought has lowered water tables across the region, making many rivers unrunable.  The best bet for a decent paddle are those rivers that are dam-controlled, such as the Green, Nantahala, and Tuckaseegee.  Even then, you’re in for a rough, rock-strewn ride, as evidenced by my last … Continue reading Dancing on the Tuck