Everything Has Been Photographed

I was talking with my brother, Houston, this evening about cameras and photography in general. Houston has been an avid photographer for many, many years, and knows tons more on the subject than I do, however most of his work has been with film. He said he was hesitating entering the digital realm for one reason – everything has already been photographed.

Think about it. With the advent of digital, the number of photographs available to the general public has increased exponentially as people are no longer concerned with film costs. Granted, most of these are just snapshots that wouldn’t rise to the level of “art.” However, for good or bad, there has never been a greater documentation of day-to-day life in photos. All one has to do is search Flickr for a keyword such as “blue wall” to see what I mean.

Perhaps this was best expressed by a guy named Roland on a Usenet board about ten years ago… Continue reading “Everything Has Been Photographed”