Furman Paladins 2007

I haven’t been writing much about the Furman Paladins, and with good reason. Their season hasn’t been going so well. Saturday was the App State game, and quite honestly I hoped that it just wouldn’t be a total blow-out. It wasn’t pretty, and App did win, but Furman tried a rally late in the game. … Continue reading Furman Paladins 2007


Well, its a marvelous night for a moondance With the stars up above in your eyes A fantabulous night to make romance ‘neath the cover of October skies And all the leaves on the trees are falling To the sound of the breezes that blow And I’m trying to please to the calling Of your … Continue reading Moondance

A Sign of the Times

A long, tiring drive from Myrtle Beach, and when I get to my own street, this is what I found… It was a bit of a surprise. As tired as I was, I grabbed a camera and walked around the neighborhood to see what other signs there might be. I guess they really are going … Continue reading A Sign of the Times

EdTech 2007 – Last Day

Well, today certainly was mixed.  I was up very early getting my gear packed and checked out of the hotel.  I arrived at the convention center in plenty of time to check out the room, and get acclimated to the smell of mold.  We’re in a different room for this morning’s presentations, and there is … Continue reading EdTech 2007 – Last Day

A Very Spatial Edtech 2007

When I’m presenting at conferences, it often leaves very little time for actually attending conference sessions.  There are nine concurrent sessions.  Of those, I’m presenting during three of them, and trying to get ready for those presentations during most of the others.  Regardless, I was able to catch a few. This year Google Earth and … Continue reading A Very Spatial Edtech 2007

EdTech 2007 – Arrival

It’s that time of year again. Once more, I’m headed to the armpit of the state (Myrtle Beach) for EdTech 2007, our annual technology conference. This year is going to be especially busy for several reasons. I had funds to bring all of my tech team down. We are basically leaving our district helpless, so … Continue reading EdTech 2007 – Arrival

Think Before You Post

Monday night I had to give a presentation to our school board regarding what we do to protect children on the Internet. I have to do this on a regular basis as part of the requirements for the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) in order to retain federal funding for things such as data lines, … Continue reading Think Before You Post

Commuting Creep

When I first started this job, I left my home at 8:00 am and got to the office at 8:30. Traffic was pretty bad on I-85 that time of morning, so sometimes I’d get stalled in traffic and have to call in that I would be a running a bit late. After a year or … Continue reading Commuting Creep