Skagit Valley Light

09-19-07 Morning Light It seems like I can never get away from work, even in a paradise like this.  Subsequently, I was awake half the night worrying about something, then got up at 5:00 AM to make some calls before folks headed out for the morning on the east coast.  Since I was up before … Continue reading Skagit Valley Light

Chasing Salmon

09-18-07 Skagit River Valley – Chasing Salmon Even though it was overcast, we decided to head up into the mountains.  Our plans were flexible, but mostly involved following the Skagit River up into the Cascades. We started on the south side of the river, rather than taking the more crowded Cascades Highway.  There were several … Continue reading Chasing Salmon

La Conner

09-17-07 At 6:00 PM Saturday I was in bed.  I finally got out of bed at 6:30 AM Sunday morning – 12.5 hours of glorious sleep. Sunday was overcast with rain threatening.  It was the perfect day to recouperate and regenerate, and that’s pretty much what we did.  Duff came over from next door with … Continue reading La Conner

Touring Seattle

Seattle 09-15-07 Sometimes I hate travel.  Specifically, I hate the feeling of being herded while running a fever.  It seems that every time that I’ve flown lately I’ve been sick.  I’m sure my fellow travelers weren’t too happy, but there was not much I could do.  The flight to Seattle itself was uneventful, which was … Continue reading Touring Seattle

Northwest Passage

To quote Scott Adams, right now I’m in a happy place where the Internet don’t shine.  Laura and I are at her mom’s on Samish Island, ‘way up in the Puget Sound.  All I have is the occasional dial-up access, so I haven’t been posting pictures, etc. I have been typing and processing images, though.  When … Continue reading Northwest Passage

9-11 Coincidences

I noticed the flags at half-mast as I drove by one of my schools, and I remembered.  It was also Tuesday six years ago.  We were gathering for our regular staff meeting, as we were today.  Our meeting was interrupted with the news of the attack on the towers.  Today we took a moment to … Continue reading 9-11 Coincidences

Owings Pioneer Days

Revolutionary Regiment

Today was Pioneer Day in the little community of Owings in upper Laurens County, sponsored by the Gray Court-Owings Historical Society. I hadn’t been back to my old stomping grounds in quite awhile, so I figure this would be a good excuse to head down and take some photographs.

A parade was to begin at 10:00 AM. I arrived about twenty minutes early, but parking was already at a premium. Even this early, turnout was quite good. I watched most of the parade participants walk down the main street so that they could line up for the parade. In fact, I thought it had already started and that I was late. I learned, however, that it was the parade that was late getting started. Soon various historic regiments, horse-drawn carriages, antique cars, and antique tractors processed down the street. The parade took about thirty minutes.

In an open space across from the town several exhibition areas had been set up. There were booths for the Historical Society, and demonstrations of arts and crafts. There were a couple of blacksmiths, someone carving wooden bowls with hand tools, a demonstration of colonial surveying techniques, and cooking demonstrations. The Sons of the Confederacy were out in force, with at least two booths and lots of rebel flags everywhere. Wandering among the booths, I saw many community people I recognized, and some I knew from my time teaching at Gray Court-Owings School.

I wandered into the little museum that the Society maintains and was amazed at how many artifacts I recognized without even having to look at the labels. There were items from Gray Court-Owings School, as well as from the local stores. I saw some goods and fixtures from the old Bryson and Stoddard General Store. When I visited the store as a child, Mr. Stoddard was already 93 years old, and the store was a step back in time.

Continue reading “Owings Pioneer Days”

The Cat Came Back

The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Much to our surprise, Winnie came home tonight.  She was very weak, and would only drink water.  She refused milk, her favorite food, and even cheese.  She wobbled when she walked, and even though she had returned, we knew it wouldn’t be for long. As happy … Continue reading The Cat Came Back

New website –

I seem to be doing more and more workshops on Google Earth and Google Maps. I had been placing all of the handouts and supporting materials on my school district webspace at Unfortunately, that’s a bear of a URL to remember. Therefore, I’ve acquired the doman, and have pointed it to those materials. … Continue reading New website –