FU All the Time!

This past week we learned of the passing of Dr. John E. Johns. Dr. Johns had been president of Furman University for eighteen years, from the 1970’s through the early 1990’s. He was president while I was an undergrad, and when Laura first started teaching at Furman. Dr. Johns’ tenure was marked by ever increasing … Continue reading FU All the Time!

Tilting the Space Needle

There was one batch of Washington photos that I think need special attention.  The Space Needle is a tilt-shifter’s dream come true.  You have 360 degrees of scenery, but it’s interesting enough to make great subject matter for fake tilt-shifts.  More importantly, the images aren’t distorted by window glass, so you’ve got even better starting … Continue reading Tilting the Space Needle

Washington Photos

I decided to do a mass upload of photos, rather than dole them out over time.  I’ve got about 247 images that I decided would be OK to make public.  There are a few tilt-shift, HDR, and lomo shots, but the majority are just scenery shots without much manipulation.  All of the images can be … Continue reading Washington Photos

Cat Update

When we left for Seattle, things were still up in the air with our sick little cat, Winnie.  She seemed to be improving, and still had so much life that we didn’t want to put her down just for our convenience.  We left instructions with our vet and with our house sitter that if she … Continue reading Cat Update

Chuckanut Manor

A trip to Skagit wouldn’t be complete without a a ride in the Cascades, shopping in La Conner, a ferry ride, Deception Pass, and a meal at Chuckanut Manor.  Tonight was our meal at Chuckanut, and it was one of the best we’ve had there. Background Chuckanut is a fixture in this area.  It’s been … Continue reading Chuckanut Manor