Photoshop Deception

I was sorting through Picassa when I came upon a couple of older photographs.  I actually did this a long time ago, but since it’s fresh on my mind, I’ll bring it up here. Back in 1996 (or was it 1995?) we went to Maine for a week.  Laura had a conference at Bates College … Continue reading Photoshop Deception

La Superior Taqueria

It’s been awhile since I’ve written up a restaurant review. In fact, I’ve visited five local places over the summer and have notes for reviews that I just haven’t written. These include Saffron Indian Cuisine, Pete’s on Wade Hampton, Basil Garden, Miyako Sushi, and Chicora Alley. I think this weekend I might just do a … Continue reading La Superior Taqueria

First Day of School

I smiled a lot more today.  There were kids, and most of them were smiling, too. The little bit of sleep I got over the weekend was punctuated with nightmares.  I kept dreaming that all of my servers shut down on the first day of school.  It has happened before, so there was reason to … Continue reading First Day of School

Close Call

Last night I pulled into our local gas station to feed the car, and to pick up a lottery ticket. After all, Powerball was at $210 million, so why not drop a buck or two for a chance to win. The lines at this place were incredible. First, right now it has the cheapest gas … Continue reading Close Call

I hate to complain, but…

My determination to be more enabling rather than controlling has already gotten a severe workout, and the students haven’t even arrived for school yet.  Already I’ve had one teacher request that we put in an Apple computer lab.  We don’t support Apples in our district.  I’ve had to deny other requests because they don’t meet … Continue reading I hate to complain, but…