Greenville Greenway

Of the past five Fridays, I’ve been in a doctor’s office for four of them for various aches and ailments.  Today I was determined to stay out of a doctor’s office, despite the fact I’ve still got a busted knee from last week’s kayaking trip. Bad knee aside, I decided I would take my newly … Continue reading Greenville Greenway

Pottermania – Part Two

Around 1:30 I headed over to the Main Branch of the Greenville County Library.  The Harry Potter Party was supposed to start at 2:00, but I had some doubts about my attendance. As I watched the young wizards and witches arrive I realized that my uneasy feelings were right on target.  "Hey, Mom!  There’s a … Continue reading Pottermania – Part Two

Pottermania – Part One

I confess.  I have been whistling John William’s theme from the Harry Potter movies for the past two weeks.  I have engaged in idle speculation and conversation about the potential deaths of major characters in the series.  I have flaunted my Harry Potter fandom in the face of those who think the series is evil … Continue reading Pottermania – Part One

Take It With You

I love standards. When companies adopt and use these, it can make life so much easier. This is the case with the recently announced Garmin Communicator API. This new API allows developers to create applets that will allow geocoded web data to be sent directly to a GPS or downloaded as a GPX file. According … Continue reading Take It With You

Honk if UR…again

OK, this is getting a bit ridiculous… Same message, same spot, different car. We have either an individual or a family obsessed with the underwear status of the driving public. At least this one isn’t demanding proof. Neither is there a little Christian fish symbol. Original sighting Continue reading Honk if UR…again

Tumblin’ with Tumblr

Chip hooked me up with a new blogging service called Tumblr.  The interface is super-simple, and there is an excellent "Share on Tumblr" applet that will automatically post videos, images, whatever into the Tumblr blog at the push of a button.  As Chip states in his tagline, "Tumblr, because I’m too lazy to blog." Having … Continue reading Tumblin’ with Tumblr

Green River Lite

All the float bubbas, half the water. – Bob It’s been quite awhile since we’ve run the Green River. It had gotten so crowded and crazy that we had been looking for alternatives for our paddling trips. Another paddling friend had told me that things had changed on the Green. The authorities were really cracking … Continue reading Green River Lite

Rough Day

I have a dream.  I dream the the equipment I order arrives on time, is delivered properly, and works correctly.  I dream that services I’ve ordered are completed in a timely fashion.  That certainly didn’t happen today. First, there was my continuing problem with Bellsouth, now AT&T.  I had ordered the data circuit for our … Continue reading Rough Day