In Memorium – Steve Pace

This morning I learned of the passing of a friend – Steve Pace.  Steve was a fellow singer, who performed with us for years with both the Greenville Chorale and the Chorale Chamber Ensemble.  Last February during one of our rehearsals, we received word that he had suffered an embolism.  We were later to learn … Continue reading In Memorium – Steve Pace

Native American Flutes

The photograph above is part of a display we keep in our house from our year in Arizona. I carved the fake kokopelli petroglyph as well as the Native American Flute. The year was 1991. Laura was on sabbatical from Furman and had an opportunity to do research at the University of Arizona. I quit … Continue reading Native American Flutes

Dinner and a Movie – Part Two

Brian Goess has a quest.  Brian’s goal is to cook every recipe in the magazine Cook’s Illustrated.  Occasionally, he brings along others to share in the triumphs and tragedies.  Tonight was the second of our dinner-and-a-movie ventures with Furman connections.  Several of the chemistry faculty gathered to try the Cook’s Illustrated version of easy gyros. … Continue reading Dinner and a Movie – Part Two

Painter of Light

No, I’m not talking about that paint-by-numbers buffoon Thomas Kincaid. I’m talking about a true master – Andrew Wyeth.  The Greenville County Museum of Art has been featuring an exhibition entitled "Wyeth at 90."  This collection includes highlights from each decade of Wyeth’s career. Laura and I made our visit on this rainy Saturday afternoon.  … Continue reading Painter of Light

The Feline of Doom

This morning’s Greenville News had an article from one of the various newsfeeds.  A recent issue of The New England Journal of Medicine contained an essay about Oscar the cat.  Oscar resides in the dementia ward of the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.  Apparently he has a knack for picking out which patients are … Continue reading The Feline of Doom

A Whole Week of Mondays

I try to avoid ranting in every single post.  This week it’s been difficult to avoid, however. Tuesday Car still won’t crank. Left Blackberry at home and felt naked. Data circuit for new school still not installed (thanks AT&T). Had to deal with an unprofessional little twit during an afternoon workshop. Left work early with … Continue reading A Whole Week of Mondays

Deathly Hallows

  It would have been better with rain. Instead, the sun shown, and the humidity was low, compelling me outdoors for chores and activities. However, I was enthralled. I read "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" straight through, pausing only for some exercise and essentials. I finished it at about 2:15 this afternoon. Now I … Continue reading Deathly Hallows