Travel Dystopia

Maybe it was the tour guide at the last cave.  Maybe it was the heat.  Maybe it was seeing one too many rolling hill and farm.  Whatever the reason, we were getting tired of Kentucky.  We decided to visit the Makers Mark Distillery for no other reason than we couldn’t think of anything else to … Continue reading Travel Dystopia

Cub Run Cave

Our tour guide for Crystal Onyx Cave suggested Cub Run Cave as another system we might enjoy. It was close, and supposedly had a great restaurant where we could get lunch. We pulled into the parking lot just as the tour group was leaving. Apparently we would have to drive about a mile away to … Continue reading Cub Run Cave

Crystal Onyx Cave

The differences between Tuckaleechee Caverns and Mammoth Cave were stark. We had a great time at Tuckaleechee. At Mammoth, it was very dark, there were none of the spectacular cave formations, and we had the distinct feeling of being "herded" throughout the tour. So, today we decided to forego another Mammoth tour in favor of … Continue reading Crystal Onyx Cave