Sahara Steak House

It looked like dinner was going to be a problem.  Barren County is a dry county.  However, Cave City has passed a local exemption, and can serve alcohol.  Regardless, it looked like our eating options were limited to a couple of steak houses or fast food. Our AAA book had listed the Sahara Steak House … Continue reading Sahara Steak House

From Somerset to Cave City

The day began with a heavy fog that burned off into a gorgeous morning.  We headed south to Burnsville, then west on Highway 70.  The terrain was mile after mile of rolling farmland.  Around every turn was a picturesque red bard, but, unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures.  Some of these barns had what looked … Continue reading From Somerset to Cave City

Dry Counties

All we wanted were a couple of margaritas to go along with our Mexican meal. Instead, we got a scowl from the the waiter and sotto voce comments of derision from the surrounding four tables, which, we found out, all attend the same church. It turns out that the majority of counties in Kentucky are … Continue reading Dry Counties