Sound Activated Flash

Today I took a dive into high-speed photography. My setup consists of a sound activated trigger, a disposable camera, and my Nikon D50. In a dark room, I set the camera exposure to bulb, then use the sound activated switch to trigger the flash on the disposable camera.

I was inspired by the work of Flickr photographer TurboJoe. Joe lives here in Greenville, and has taken some astounding photos of balloons popping, water dropping, and light bulbs bursting. He uses better flash equipment than I’ve got, and he’s much better at circuit design. I was after a quick, cheap method of getting this to work. Here are a couple of Joe’s shots…

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Google Voyeurism

As I’ve stated previously, the things that tend to generate the most buzz about Google Earth/Maps have been those of a more pruirient nature – bikini girls in StreetView, or supposedly topless sunbathers in Google Earth.  I’ve even been asked to block Google Earth because of bad language in its Panoramio application. So far I’ve … Continue reading Google Voyeurism

Blocking Blogs

At NECC I ran into one of my counterparts in another district, and he asked me a distressing question. He asked if our district blocked blogs on our filtering system. I’m hoping I didn’t sound too incredulous when I answered him. No. We don’t block blogs. Apparently his district does block blogs. According to him, … Continue reading Blocking Blogs

Unexpected Sharing

While I was in Atlanta at NECC, I fired up iTunes at my hotel.  I was quite surpirsed to see that someone had shared their iPod library.  I was even more suprised that I could access all 12.5 GB of his music.  I could listen to it, but couldn’t copy or do anything else. This … Continue reading Unexpected Sharing

NECC 2007 Aftermath

The last day of NECC, and Homer and I really wanted to catch a couple more sessions on open source software for classrooms. Our previous session on iPods was jam-packed, and ran a bit long. Subsequently, we were later than we might have liked in getting to the session on Wikis. It was already just … Continue reading NECC 2007 Aftermath

Pittypat’s Porch

Tonight we were invited to join several of our colleagues and one of our vendors at Pittypat’s Porch for a meal.  Richard Darrell from Synrevoice likes to select a restaurant that typifies the cuisine of the host city for his client dinners.  Since we are in Atlanta, his research led us to Pittypat’s as the … Continue reading Pittypat’s Porch