White Horse Flea Market

Paul had discovered a new (to us) flea market for exploration. It’s been a long time since a county fair has been held on the old Greenville Fair Grounds on White Horse Road. In lieu of the annual fair, the weekly White Horse Flea Market has taken over the old display sheds and grounds.

On this trip, I ditched my big Nikon D50 for the tiny Nikon S50. Wise choice – I was able to get tons of photos without being too obvious. Some are tilted because I shot from the hip, but I was able to get many more usable photos this time around.

I had always bypassed the WHFM because the much, much larger Anderson Jockey Lot was just down the road a few more miles. In this case, size isn’t everything. The amount of diversity, both culturally and in terms of what one can buy at White Horse far exceeds what one might find at the Jockey Lot. The West Side of Greenville has a very high percentage of Hispanics, and that is reflected in what one can find here. You still get the usual flea market weirdness, but with a multi-cultural flare.

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