Immersive Media

The Google Earth blog had a link to the technology behind Google Maps’ new Street View feature.  The technology was created by Immersive Media, and features a camera with eleven lenses arranged in geodesically on a sphere.   The camera not only takes still images, but does video as well. Immersive Media has put several demos … Continue reading Immersive Media

Old Singer

Back when I was teaching pinhole photography to seventh grade students, my father-in-law gave me an old Singer Graflex camera that he owned. This is the classic version, seen in use by photojournalists in old movies all the time. I have no idea how old this thing really is, but I believe it still works. … Continue reading Old Singer

Street View

Just when I think Google Maps can’t get any more amazing (or scary), they come out with something new.  This time it’s "Streetview."  Streetview is available for only five cities in the US – Manhattan, Miami, Denver, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.  I haven’t checked any foreign cities yet. If you zoom into one of … Continue reading Street View

Freedom Weekend Aloft

I was just getting started on my trek to look for ghost towns in South Carolina, when I spotted balloons in the air.   Freedom Weekend Aloft was in full swing for this Memorial Day weekend, and this year they were holding it in Simpsonville. I figured it was worth a diversion, so I took … Continue reading Freedom Weekend Aloft

Confusion at World’s End

Brian: I think the best quote from the movie was “Does he have a plan, or is he just making this up as he goes along?” Me: Are you talking about Jack Sparrow or the scriptwriter? Between the double-triple-quadruple crosses, it was hard to see who was plotting against whom, and what their true motives … Continue reading Confusion at World’s End

White Horse Flea Market

Paul had discovered a new (to us) flea market for exploration. It’s been a long time since a county fair has been held on the old Greenville Fair Grounds on White Horse Road. In lieu of the annual fair, the weekly White Horse Flea Market has taken over the old display sheds and grounds. On … Continue reading White Horse Flea Market