Courtesy of, I came across a cool website.  Paleo-Future purports to be a "look into the future that never was."  It looks back at predictions in Popular Science and other sources and sees where those predictions are now.  Some of the predictions are amusing.  Some are truly disappointing.  All are entertaining. Continue reading Paleo-Future

Carmen, The Post Game Show

The entire weekend was tied up with our performance of Carmen. Rehearsals Friday night and Saturday morning, with performances Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Even with sections cut from it, the piece was 2 hours and 45 minutes, including half-time. The weekend took on the tone of perform-collapse-perform-collapse. Friday night was our first time hearing … Continue reading Carmen, The Post Game Show

Sand Prayer

The Tibetan Monks are at Furman this week, promoting awareness of their country and the Free Tibet movement. Part of their activities included the creation of an elaborate sand mandala – part worship, and part prayer. The mandala is build up grain by grain with colored sand in a meticulous process. The final product has … Continue reading Sand Prayer

Songs You Know by Heart

Ask any non-musician to describe their concept of opera, and you’ll most likely get a Wagnerian Brunhilde. Ask that same person to hum a few bars from an opera, and if they are able to produce anything at all, it will probably be a snippet of Figaro from Rossini, or one of the many recognizable … Continue reading Songs You Know by Heart

Good Old Edmund

Growing up as the son of the local school principal had its problems (some taunting by classmates, etc) but it also had some perks. For example, my brothers and I would often grab Dad’s keys to the gymnasium. We would go at night and leave the lights off, then throw a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee in the … Continue reading Good Old Edmund


Mojitos are the sweet iced tea of the potent potable world. They compliment just about everything. That was our conclusion after our first attempt at making them for our Saturday evening dinner. Our recipe came from the Bicardi website. Don’t bother clicking the link – obnoxious music loads. I’ll copy the recipe below for a … Continue reading Mojitos