Encouraging Gluttony

My normal breakfast is a cup of coffee and a low-fat power bar. However, once in a blue moon Laura and I like to go out for breakfast on the weekends. We fluctuate between one of the Stax places or Denny’s. This morning, it was Denny’s. There, it became evident that Denny’s blatantly encourages gluttony, … Continue reading Encouraging Gluttony

What Flavor of Google Earth?

During one of my SCETV sessions this week the question came up about the various flavors of Google Earth, and which might be most appropriate.  For classrooms and general use, go with the free version.  Period.  I can’t see why anyone who doesn’t work with GIS professionally would need anything else. Google has provided a … Continue reading What Flavor of Google Earth?


I found two doppelgangers, right within sight of each other.  First is Olympia Mills, located on the west side of Columbia.  I was riding with my hosts from SCETV to lunch when we rode past, and I had to do a double-take.  The design of the mill and detailing was identical to the mill that … Continue reading Doppelgangers

SCETV and Google Earth

Today I spent the day working with teachers from around the state showing them how to use Google Earth in the classroom.  The workshop was sponsored by SCETV, and was held in their studios in Columbia.  I did two sessions of Basic Google Earth, and one of Advanced. The basic sessions went very well.  It’s … Continue reading SCETV and Google Earth

Pennsylvania 6-500

Last night we had The Glen Miller Story on TCM playing as we did some household chores.  Figuring prominently in the film was the song "Pennsylvania 6-500."  This song, of course, is a reference to the phone number of the Pennsylvania Hotel using the old telephone exchange system, where Miller played frequently. Laura reminisced that … Continue reading Pennsylvania 6-500

I Love Sushi

Laura had a surprise for me when she came back from shopping this morning. She had bought materials for us to make sushi at home. We both love the stuff. I’m a little more adventurous and will try the raw fish. However, Laura has severe allergies to avocodo, and doesn’t want to tempt the fish, … Continue reading I Love Sushi

Daylight Savings

So, today is the big day. Daylight Savings begins a couple of weeks earlier than normal, and all our computers are going to come crashing down…. …or not. As I glance at this laptop I see that it reads the correct time, and I haven’t done a thing to it apart from the regular Windows … Continue reading Daylight Savings

Not Your Usual BLT

We had grabbed Glynda and taken a quick trip down to Park Seed in Greenwood this afternoon for a sale they were having on herbs. After smelling the aroma of herbs all afternoon, we decided we needed to take it a bit further for dinner. Once again, we decided to reverse engineer a meal had … Continue reading Not Your Usual BLT