Not Your Usual BLT

We had grabbed Glynda and taken a quick trip down to Park Seed in Greenwood this afternoon for a sale they were having on herbs. After smelling the aroma of herbs all afternoon, we decided we needed to take it a bit further for dinner. Once again, we decided to reverse engineer a meal had … Continue reading Not Your Usual BLT

Our Past Before Us

For the past three days the history departments of Furman and Clemson Universities have hosted a conference on the history of Upstate South Carolina entitled "Our Past Before Us." Work prevented me from attending the majority of the workshops, but I was able to get to a couple of the sessions on Saturday. The first … Continue reading Our Past Before Us

Pho #1

Laura has a meeting, and I’ve got a new restaurant.  I was feeling adventurous, so I decided to try Pho #1 around the corner from our house. This place started as a Pizza Hut, and retains that distinctive architecture.  In the intervening years, the building has housed Mexican and Italian restaurants.   A couple of years … Continue reading Pho #1