Smoke on the Water

I finished up my portraiture class well after normal lunch time, and Laura haad already eaten and was out shopping. That meant I was on my on to try something new. Today it was Smoke on the Water at in the West End Shops. Atmosphere: The restaurant describes itself as "a saucy southern tavern." Blues … Continue reading Smoke on the Water

Portraiture Class, Part 2

This morning was the second session of our portraiture class at the Greenville Museum of Art.  Today we were to spend the day posing and working with our model, Christy.  Since it was incredibly cold outside, we started in the studio, with Polly discussing and demonstrating various posing techniques and lighting. Polly drove home several … Continue reading Portraiture Class, Part 2

Corny Headlines

Every one of these headlines was on the front page of this morning’s Metro section of the Greenville News… Residents hope pedestrian plan has legs Easley transit plans face long road City’s paving request falls through the cracks Beavers gnaw at neighbors’ patience Give me a break!  I feel like I’m reading a "Frank and … Continue reading Corny Headlines

Delayed Math Skills

The following is an amalgam of actual phone calls received at our district office this morning… We’re on a two hour delay, right?  What, exactly does that mean? Just add two hours to the start time.  If my child’s school starts at 7:45, do I bring him at 10:00 or at 9:45? 9:45  Well, what … Continue reading Delayed Math Skills

Foggy Delay

I knew there would be fog. The temperatures were high enough for yesterday’s snow to sublime away, leaving a heavy mist in its place. We had a two-hour delay for school this morning, just on the off-chance that icy patches still remained. It was as good an opportunity as I was going to get for … Continue reading Foggy Delay

Snow Day

After dealing with phone calls, I was wide awake early . Part of me wanted to watch the snow coming down (and possible get some long-exposure shots.) The part of me that won put on a pot of coffee, then dozed off on the couch for awhile. The weather wasn’t as bad as we feared. … Continue reading Snow Day