This I Believe

On my way to rehearsal at Furman this afternoon I passed by a man standing at the corner of Wade Hampton and Pleasantburg. I’ve seen this guy before. He carries a frame fashioned of PVC tubing, from which is suspended one of this "The End Is Near" messages, usually a hellfire and damnation Bible verse.  … Continue reading This I Believe

Boards versus Tablets

It would seem that interactive smart boards are the latest thing to sweep the EdTech world. Whether it be a SMARTboard, Promethean Board, or some other brand, districts in our area are racing to put these into every classroom, along with an accompanying projection system. I have mixed feelings about these investments. I was roundly … Continue reading Boards versus Tablets

The Lake Fairfield Plan

Sometimes I think it would be great if we got to know our neighbors better, and sometimes I’m just as glad that we don’t know them all that well.  Last night was a case in point.  A neighborhood meeting was held to discuss the county’s plan for flood abatement.  There were more people here than … Continue reading The Lake Fairfield Plan

Snapshot Cafe and Art Bar

NOTE: This restaurant is now closed During the morning’s photography class, Polly had mentioned that some of her photos were on display at the Snapshot Cafe and Art Bar. Several of our class decided that it would be our destination for either lunch or dinner today. Since Laura was grading lab notebooks, it was going … Continue reading Snapshot Cafe and Art Bar

Portraiture, Part 3

Today was the last session of my Portraiture class at the Museum of Art.  Each our classmates presented their work from last week’s photosession, and we made comments.  We have some excellent photographers in this group, and I was quite impressed with some of the images.  Even though each of us was shooting the same … Continue reading Portraiture, Part 3

Under Exposure

Tonight I had planned to attend the monthly meeting of the Exposures group.  This is a group of photographers that meets at the West End Dark Room the first Thursday of the month.  According to the website, the group often picks a theme, and people bring either slides, digital images, or large prints of photos … Continue reading Under Exposure


Yep, that’s OOBs – not OOPS!, or worse yet, BOOBS!. It stands for Out of Boundary, and is a photomanipulation technique that creates three-dimensional effect. A frame is created around part of the photo, then part of the image appears to break out of that frame. Creative use of a Gaussian Blur for shadow and … Continue reading OOBs!