Geotagging Etiquette

What’s wrong with this picture? This Google Earth capture is an example of very poor geotagging etiquette. First, the number of images tagged to this specific location is almost unmanageble. Granted, I’m zoomed out quite a bit, but if one zooms in closer, the situation does not improve. All of these images are tagged to … Continue reading Geotagging Etiquette

Widgets and Maps

If you take a look at the sidebar under "Pages", you’ll see a new link for Widgets and Maps.  These are services that have been linked into my site through Widgetbox.  Widgetbox is basically a clearinghouse of blog applications.  You can get everything from Flickr interfaces to news RSS feeds delivered to your site.  It … Continue reading Widgets and Maps

Geotagging Made Simple

Anyone who has been following this blog knows that one of my favorite past times is to head out into the country with my camera and just explore. I enjoy not just the exploration, but the documentation of exploration, either by writing about it here, keeping a GPS track, or by geotagging the photos I … Continue reading Geotagging Made Simple

Bold Non-Binding Resolutions

Two different headlines in two different papers this week could have far-reaching consequences for instructional technology in our state.  That is, if they are not just bluster.  On Wednesday the Spartanburg Herald reported that Jim Ritchie had introduced a bill into the Senate that woul provide laptop computers for every eighth grade student in the … Continue reading Bold Non-Binding Resolutions

The Perils of Web 2.0

One of my tech folks called this morning with a concern about Google Earth. It seems there was a placemark entitled "Can’t fucking get there from here." The tech wanted to know if a student at the school might have been able to create that placemark for the entire school, since it seemed to be … Continue reading The Perils of Web 2.0

Only One Thaicoon

Tonight we had dinner up at Thaicoon Ricefire at University Square, near Furman. The owner, Bobby, informed us of something we had already spotted. His is now the only Thaicoon in town. Thaicoon on East North has closed, and is scheduled to re-open as something called Thai Top. While we hate that a Thai place … Continue reading Only One Thaicoon