The Map Shop – RIP

There was terrible news in this morning’s Greenville News. The Map Shop is joining the ever-growing list of downtown business that have closed. The owner has decided to retire from retail, and will focus on creating customized maps for business. Located on Coffee Street since 1982, The Map Shop was one of the first unique … Continue reading The Map Shop – RIP

UrbanPlanet Photowalk

Today was a full day of photography. First there was the portraiture class in the morning. Later in the afternoon, I met up with some of my friends from the Greenville forums on for a photowalk around downtown Greenville. Eric (aka RestedTraveler) and Ron (aka ManinthePark) were waiting for me under the canopy overlooking … Continue reading UrbanPlanet Photowalk

Full Moon Photoshopped

I’ve been getting a bit more daring with my Photoshopping. After reading about blur overlays on the Digital Photography School, I decided to try a few on some more pictures. Here are a couple more before and after shots. First, the Before. This shot was taken with my Nikon D50 attached to a Celestron C90 … Continue reading Full Moon Photoshopped


The fact is that censorship always defeats its own purpose, for it creates, in the end, the kind of society that is incapable of exercising real discretion. ~Henry Steele Commager I am a government censor. I am responsible for blocking certain images and ideas that might be deemed harmful to our students. I do this … Continue reading Censorship

Flickr’s Machine Tags

Back last summer I wrote an article on this site complaining about triple tags and the clutter they create on tag clouds. The idea was that a tag cloud is meant to group items with similar characteristics. However, triple tags are meant to identify a specific item. They are often called "machine-readable" because they are … Continue reading Flickr’s Machine Tags

What part of “no”….?

Sometimes I hate dealing with vendors. Don’t get me wrong. A good relationship with a vendor is crucial to a successful technology program. However, for every good, successful vendor relationship, there are a dozen cold calls and down right annoying sales people. Since this is E-Rate season, the number of such calls has increased. First, … Continue reading What part of “no”….?

Columbia is Back!

On October 3 Google Earth released a massive imagery update.  Until that point, most of South Carolina was in low resolution.  The new release provided much higher resolution images for almost all of the state.  Almost all, that is. Right after the update there was a very blurry section right where the town of Casey, … Continue reading Columbia is Back!

Unusual Quotes during Football

Normally, conversation while watching a football game doesn’t involve discussion of chemistry.  Laura mentioned her discovery of, which prompted him to relay the tale of this e-mail he received while at Harvard… Dear Dr. Goess: My roommate had the chemical structure of her antidepressants tattooed on her ankle. She didn’t have the atoms labeled … Continue reading Unusual Quotes during Football