First Friday

It’s Friday night, which has become "date night" for Laura and I.  We started with a wonderful dinner at Brick City Grille, then headed downtown for the First Friday art gallery tour. Our first stop turned out to be the best.  We began with the West End Gallery. This small gallery has some of the … Continue reading First Friday

Technology Changes

Lots going on in the technology world this week.  Here are three items that deserve a quick mention…  1.  The latest virus outbreak required us to patch several glaring security holes in the Windows XP operating system.  Therefore, as Microsoft rolled out Vista for the business community this week, I couldn’t help but wonder how … Continue reading Technology Changes

Viral Madness

OK, I’m ready to form a posse and hunt down, string up, then draw and quarter all would-be hackers and virus creators.  We suffered from two separate attacks this week that nearly brought our operations to a standstill. First, there was the hacking.  I don’t know if it was a mistake or intentional.  If intentional, … Continue reading Viral Madness