Mrs. Wright and Amy were having far too much fun, so I had to join in.  However, my sickness was brought on my indigestion inducing over-eating, rather than by some bug.  I’m sure exhaustion had a part to play in it.  Regardless, Boxing Day turned out to be a day of recovery. At some point … Continue reading Recovery

Christmas Day 2006

It was a very different Christmas. First, there was the fact that both Mrs. Wright and Amy were very ill. Add to that my exhaustion from having attended midnight mass and been further kept awake by our injured cat. Then there was the heavy rain. We began with our traditional orgy of gifts. Laura surprised … Continue reading Christmas Day 2006

Midnight Mass

Christmas Eve we attended a Solemn Midnight Mass at Prince of Peace Catholic Church.  Linda wanted to attend, and Houston and I tagged along.  It was my first mass, and and I found it to be an intriguing and somewhat confusing experience. The service began with a service of music at 11:30 PM.  A good … Continue reading Midnight Mass

“Ah Nuts” Caching

I had to laugh. This note was waiting in my e-mail… Location: South Carolina, United States Fountainb posted a note for Ah, Nuts! (Traditional Cache) at 12/23/2006 Log Date: 12/23/2006 Were going to try this, in fact drove by, but large family looked to be having their Christmas gathering right in the area. Not a … Continue reading “Ah Nuts” Caching

The Perfect Christmas

As a child, I had a notion of what a perfect Christmas would be like. It didn’t involve gifts, but more importantly what happened and who was present. Keep in mind that I was about seven, and this was back in the 1960’s. My perfect Christmas would begin by having Christmas Eve on a Friday … Continue reading The Perfect Christmas

Karen Floyd at it again

I am SOOO glad we managed to not elect this bozo as Superintendent of Education.  Last night WSPA-TV news reported that former candidate Karen Floyd sent out Christmas cards with a picture of her family in camouflage with a whole slew of dead doves.  Apparently this made some people angry.  No surprise there.  What is … Continue reading Karen Floyd at it again

Ruby Slippers

  Last week someone posted a Photoshop tutorial to the Digital Photography School entitled "Mono, with a Dash of Colour [sic]."  Basically, the image is desaturate to black and white, with only one bit of color left as a point of interest.  I knew the technique described in the post fairly well, and had used … Continue reading Ruby Slippers

Winter Solstice

Winter arrived at 7:22 PM today.  Mrs. Wright’s neighbor on Samish Island, Ross Craig, celebrates the Solstice instead of Christmas.  He will open presents with his family and have a feast with them.  As for us, we were watching Jeopardy when the event arrived. The Solstice always bothers me.  To me, according to its astronomical … Continue reading Winter Solstice