I’ve commented in previous posts about how much I detest memes. I see less and less of the e-mail glurges that usually get sent around Christmas and other holidays. It still happens, but for the most part it’s the less technologically savvy that engage in spreading them. Now that folks have blogs, memes that used … Continue reading mememememememe

Price Gouging

Saturday was spent reorganizing my office to accommodate my new printer.  The only place for the printer was on the other side of the room, which required a longer USB Cable.  Here’s what else I discovered… 15′ USB Cable from our local Office Depot – $44 (Link goes to 10′ for $33)  15′ USB Cable … Continue reading Price Gouging

Pearson Falls to Saluda

Friday was supposed to be the last nice day of the holidays, so I decided to explore a bit farther afield in my quest for photography subjects. I had several targets today along the route to Saluda, North Carolina, including the trailhead for the new Poinsett Passage portion of the Palmetto Trail, and Pearson Falls. … Continue reading Pearson Falls to Saluda