Mrs. Wright and Amy were having far too much fun, so I had to join in.  However, my sickness was brought on my indigestion inducing over-eating, rather than by some bug.  I’m sure exhaustion had a part to play in it.  Regardless, Boxing Day turned out to be a day of recovery. At some point … Continue reading Recovery

Christmas Day 2006

It was a very different Christmas. First, there was the fact that both Mrs. Wright and Amy were very ill. Add to that my exhaustion from having attended midnight mass and been further kept awake by our injured cat. Then there was the heavy rain. We began with our traditional orgy of gifts. Laura surprised … Continue reading Christmas Day 2006

Midnight Mass

Christmas Eve we attended a Solemn Midnight Mass at Prince of Peace Catholic Church.  Linda wanted to attend, and Houston and I tagged along.  It was my first mass, and and I found it to be an intriguing and somewhat confusing experience. The service began with a service of music at 11:30 PM.  A good … Continue reading Midnight Mass