New Lens

The day began with self-reflection brought on by the funky fog, then had ups and downs along the way.  We had a nice meeting with my tech team, but other difficulties popped up, about which I won’t elaborate here. Laura suprised me at home with presents and a nice meal.  In particular, she got me … Continue reading New Lens


I love the fog. I would really like to shoot some long-exposure photos in the early morning with trees outlined and barely visible. I especially like it when the sun begins the break through. Today had all those features. As I drove to work, I mentally framed dozens of potential photos. Problem was, here I … Continue reading Opportunity

My 15 Seconds

I had my 15 seconds of fame on the Internet this week.  My article comparing fast food colors with species mimicry was included on  It didn’t gather quite the attention of Chip’s soiled sweatpants used as packing material, but it was more than this poor website could handle for awhile. On Tuesday when it … Continue reading My 15 Seconds