Blue Laws Relax

What’s so special about the bottle of wine pictured here?  Nothing, except that it was purchased on a Sunday in Greenville, South Carolina. No longer do we have to drive across the border into North Carolina if we need to pick up a six-pack for a party, or a bottle of wine for a dinner.  … Continue reading Blue Laws Relax


Prior to our concert at the Peace Center last night, the entering audience was serenaded (if that’s the right word) by a group of 35 tubas playing Christmas carols.  Apparently this is a national event that takes place the second weekend of December each year.  According to the TubaChristmas website…   TUBACHRISTMAS was conceived in … Continue reading TubaChristmas


I had two occasions to shop downtown this weekend at the Mast General Store.  Located a couple of doors down is Bentley’s Bookshop.  I was dismayed to see a "Store Closing" sign on the door.  Greenville has a dirth of used bookstores, especially of the quality of Bentley’s.  I have to admit that I tended … Continue reading Closure


This weekend we presented our annual Christmas concert with the Greenville Chorale.  The concert was a joint effort between the Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra and the Chorale, with a Friday concert up there and Saturday night in the Peace Center.  With the ensuing rehearsals, it was quite a busy weekend. Thursday night’s rehearsal was a bit … Continue reading [loud]Magnificent[/loud]