Karen Floyd – Dove Hater

Nevermind that Karen Floyd, Republican candidate for Superintendent of Education, advocates a vouchers system in the guise of "school choice."  Nevermind that Floyd receives tremendous support from right-wing groups outside of our state that want to undermine public education.  This one item alone should make any intelligent person run as far away from her as … Continue reading Karen Floyd – Dove Hater

Upper State Fair

Sunday afternoon Amy, Laura, and I decided to go to the Upper State SC Fair.  It was an odd decision, but we figured it would be fun and different, and I would be able to get some interesting photographs.  While it was all those things, it was also different from what I had expected, and … Continue reading Upper State Fair

Charter Sucks

No Yes No No Picture No Yes Continue  Yes No Black No No No CONTINUE!  NO! NO! NO! YES! I WANT TO TALK TO A HUMAN, DAMMIT! NO! CONTINUE! CONTINUE!  NO! SLAM! This is the abridged version of my conversation with the automated system at Charter Communications.  I never did get to talk to a … Continue reading Charter Sucks