A Day on Earth

The concept is simple.  Flickr uses from all over the globe post one picture to a specified photo group on a specified day, creating a "snapshot" of the planet.  A website has been setup for "A Day on Earth."  Photos are posted to the group, then transferred to the website. Today was the day for … Continue reading A Day on Earth

Life in a Floodplain

Seems like I’ve been looking at tons of GIS data lately.  I spent most of last evening and almost all of today poring over Spartanburg County data for our attendance zones.  So what do I do when I get home, I go to a Greenville County Council meeting and look at more GIS maps. Our … Continue reading Life in a Floodplain


Thus read a South Carolina headline in 1861, and so read a headline in today’s papers here in 2006.  However, this time, it’s the town of Greer wanting to secede from Spartanburg County. Over the past several years, it seems that Greer has been annexation crazy.  First, they wanted to incorporate large portions of the … Continue reading Secession!

John Glenn

Tonight kicks off Furman’s "Year of the Environment"  This year’s Riley Institute is entitled "The Environment: Critical Issues of the 21st Century," and the keynote address was given by the Honorable John Glenn, former astronaut and senator.   The laws of nature do not change.  Therefore, the laws of Man, or the actions of Man … Continue reading John Glenn


Tomorrow is the autumnal equinox.  To celebrate the first day of fall, I joined Glynda, Mom, and Dad in a trip to the Caro-Mi restaurant near Tryon, NC.  It was a beautiful evening, so we were up for a drive to the Pacolet River Valley.  Having never been before, I figured it warranted a review. … Continue reading Caro-Mi

First Powerball

A bit o’ history.  My mother is extremely lucky.  During her lifetime she has won many prizes in various drawings, including one large doll, not one, but two 21-inch televisions (in separate drawings), and a 1931 Ford A-Model – an honest-to-goodness antique car that probably financed a good bit of my college education when it … Continue reading First Powerball