Whole lotta nothing

School starts back week after next.  However, for me, next week is the real beginning.  Teachers begin arriving for meetings and to get classrooms set up, even though their first official day isn’t until the following Monday. This week is also our last week of long hours with Friday off.  Upon my return from London, … Continue reading Whole lotta nothing


Flickr has something they call "interestingess" which they use to rank pictures.  This is a weird, caballic combination of views, tags, favorites, etc., which somehow measures how interesting a photo is to the Flickr community.  The photo below is in the top 100 photos for interestingness for those uploaded on July 24.   Even as … Continue reading Interestingness

England mosaic

England mosaic I was playing around with Flickr Toys and created this mosaic of some of the England photos. 1. white tower lomo, 2. mini lomo, 3. Albert Memorial Lomo, 4. Stained Glass at Bath Abbey, 5. Stonehenge, 6. Canal Boat at Bath, 7. Bath View, 8. Pulteney Bridge in Bath, 9. Canal Boats, 10. … Continue reading England mosaic

England Flickr Update

If one had been watching my bandwidth monitor at work at about 5:00 PM yesterday, they would have noticed a significant spike as I uploaded a ton of photos to my Flickr account.  I’m not done yet – there are some Laura needs to sort out.  When I got home last night I did play … Continue reading England Flickr Update

Home again

3:00 AM came mighty early Sunday morning.  Fortunately we had packed the night before.  We managed to get to Heathrow on time and figure out their weird boarding procedures.  One does not proceed to any gate until one is called. We had much more comfortable seats for the flight out, which was a good thing.  … Continue reading Home again

Portabello Road

7/22/06 We had a very slow morning.  I was still suffering the effects of my cold.  We went down and talked with our Trafalgar rep to make sure arrangements had been made to get us to the airport on time.  It seemed that everything was under control, so we asked about the best way to … Continue reading Portabello Road

Stonehenge and Bath

7/20/06 It is hot.  At 6:00 AM the temp in our room was still above 80.  I showered and went down to the counter to complain.  The manager said he would put us in a different room if we made sure everything is packed before leaving on our tour.  I feel a little weird having … Continue reading Stonehenge and Bath


7/19/06 London is the the midst of a heat wave and drought.  After; yesterday’s close encounter in theTube, it was time to get out of the city crowds.  Today we had an organized tour with the Trafalgar group to Stratford-upon-Avon, and we were hoping for fewer crowds and cooler temps.  At least the crowds part … Continue reading Stratford-Upon-Avon

Donkey’s Years

7/18/06 I don’t know why I bothered to get cleaned up for the theater.  The Tube trip to the Theatre District was the hottest, most uncomfortable subway ride I’ve ever taken.  At each station, more people pushed into our already impossible crowded car.  Each time, I couldn’t see how anyone else could get on, but … Continue reading Donkey’s Years