Stunning Again

Nikon Stunning Gallery updated their site today.  My fifth picture to date was included.  Somehow I figured this would be the one chosen…   Since I now have five shots in the gallery, I’ll stop reporting each time one is selected.           …or not.  Continue reading Stunning Again

Dupont Forest Falls

  Such a dilemma – should I relax with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper, or should I venture out once again? I decided on the adventure.  My target for today would be the Dupont State Forest just over the state line in North Carolina.  I’d heard about the abundance of waterfalls in … Continue reading Dupont Forest Falls

Life at the Jockey Lot

Paul and I headed out early for the Anderson Jockey Lot.  I think it’s been about a year since Paul, John, and I venture forth to this unusual place.  It takes me about that long to recover from the experience and for amnesia to set in. Paul and his father hit the Florida flea market … Continue reading Life at the Jockey Lot