Happy Birthday to the Interstate System

I almost let this one slip past.  Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Eisenhower Interstate System.  Dwight D. signed the legislation on this date in 1956, and soon thereafter work on I-70 in Kansas was begun. As I cruised down I-85 this morning, I listened to a segment on Morning Edition about the anniversary. 

River Jordan

So, do you have any plans to travel for the Fourth? No, I’m was on vacation last week, and I’m heading to London in a couple of weeks. I’ve never wanted to go to London or any other place in Europe.  I’ve only been to the Holey Land. (Vain attempt is made to disguise eye-rolling … Continue reading River Jordan

More Tilt-Shift Goodness

Having learned this nifty new technique, I had to go back through my collection of images and see if I had more shots suitable for tilt-shift. The ones below are the results. These really look better in the larger format, so click on the pictures to see the larger images. I’ve gotten where it takes … Continue reading More Tilt-Shift Goodness

Tilt-Shift Fake Miniatures

Some time back, BoingBoing highlighted a photographer who makes fake miniatures of real photographs. The photos are of real scenes, but have been altered in such a way as to make them look like they are model railroad sets, or something similar. The results can be quite astounding, and fool the brain into thinking it’s … Continue reading Tilt-Shift Fake Miniatures


524 unread e-mails 12 voice mails 4 invoices due before June 30 3 RFPS to be completed 2 schools with networks down 1 massive headache I should have stayed on vacation.

Holy Ghost and Fire Center

Holy Ghost and Fire Center Every time I pass by this sign on Old Dixie Highway in Fort Pierce I wonder where the sign is pointing. There’s nothing next to it but an overgrown lot, and beyond that an abandoned industrial site. Makes you wonder.

Stunning #7 and Blue Cliche’s

  I figured if any of my latest shots got into the Nikon Stunning Gallery, this one would.  Speaking of the Stunning Gallery, here’s an interesting comparison. The first shot is mine, and was selected for the Gallery.  The second belongs to Matilde B, and was placed in this week’s selection.  

Key Largo to Key West

…and half-way back. The day was the epitome of vacation.  It began by witnessing the morning ablutions of the Mariott staff, as they attempt to restore the resort to pristine conditions before the guests awaken.  All of the pool and beach chairs are aligned just so.  The sand is raked to remove any footprints from … Continue reading Key Largo to Key West

Pool Gods

It can be fascinating watching the interaction around the pool in a resort.  Lately I’ve seen two "pool gods" – those self-important individuals that know everything, and want YOU to know that they know everything. Pool God #1 – Tremendously overweight and tanned to the point of being orange – he looked either like an … Continue reading Pool Gods