Blinded by the…

Heard over the intercom… Assistance needed in the blind cutting area, Assistance needed in the blind cutting area. How nice!  Lowes provides a special cutting area just for blind people. 

Silky Water

In all my ranting about pedestrians, I forgot to post my reason for being out and about yesterday.  The early morning light was quite nice.  I first stopped by the historic Springwood Cemetery downtown and got a few shots.  Next, I headed on over to Falls Park to see if I could get the silky … Continue reading Silky Water


This morning I got up very early to catch the soft morning light.  As I was driving along Wade Hampton Blvd, I noticed several people walking.  In most cities, this would be no big deal.  But this is Greenville.  One does not walk unless one has no access to a car.  I automatically began to … Continue reading Walkers


Despite some threatening clouds in our area, we decided to take the convertible up through Pisgah National Forest and onto the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The roads were a bit crowded, as one might expect for a holiday weekend, but the weather held off and we had a nice drive.  I battled the crowds at Looking … Continue reading Parkway

Another Stunning Shot

Another one of my photos was selected for the Nikon Stunning Gallery.  It’s tucked inside, so you have to click the "More" button at the top.  

Happy Towel Day!

"It must be Thursday.  I never could get the hang of Thursday’s."  In memory of Douglas Adams,  participants are requested to carry a towel with them all day.


I should be teaching. That realization hit me like a ton of bricks during dinner this evening. It seems that every time I learn something new, I immediately try to figure out some way to teach it. Take for example my recent discovery about SLR vs DSLR lenses – my first thought was to post … Continue reading Teaching